As the client was overseas, Colonial Hut Tubs worked up a design and price for this holiday home based on photos from a representative at Lake Rotoiti. A local electrician helped on site, working with a Hiab company that lifted the tub into position once on site. A local pool shop will service the tub for the customer in the off-season.

The tub has an efficient two speed pump with a 3 kW heater maintaining the temperature easily when soaking. As the dwelling is a holiday home, the requirements for sanitation were quite specific. The sanitation is based on a Corona Discharge Ozone generator coupled with Bromine and a larger-than-normal cartridge filter for a longer-lasting low-dosage sanitation set up, which allows the tub to go unattended for longer stretches.

Although there were understandably a number of unknowns and on site customisations, this job went very smoothly and the customer is very happy with the end result.