The Bream tail hot tub at Mangawhai was a collaboration of the customers vision and functionality requirements with design parameters of what we could do taking into account the local environment and remote location of the property.

The location of the heater, water pump, and filter. was to be in an existing shed on site, removing any acoustic effect for the tub. It would also be more protected from the weather making it last longer in the marine environment. This however created an issue where the running gear was over 20 meters from the hot tub. For this we used a variable speed water pump to make sure the water flow from the jets in the tub was just right.

Because of the location of the running gear from the hot tub we also used a fm remote controller to turn on pumps, and lights which could be used from the house or the hot tub. This system also has the benefit of wifi connectivity should the customer want this in the future.

The result is a beautiful hot tub in an amazing location that is cost effective for the install and built to stand the test of time.